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Anti Politics?

For those that are anti – Politics…. I once felt that way but have arrived at a better understanding … well I think so. Lets define Politics and see if your thinking may change to something that is more beneficial toward your survival and ability to prosper in Heaven.
From Webster Dictionary
n. 1. The science of government; that part of ethics which has to do with the regulation and government of a nation or state, the preservation of its safety, peace, and prosperity, the defense of its existence and rights against foreign control or conquest, the augmentation of its strength and resources, and the protection of its citizens in their rights, with the preservation and improvement of their morals.
A simple definition by me: the process to organize people for change (revolution) or preservation of an ideology. If you want to get your agenda out there so people will know what you are doing Politics will be a part of your effort. If you are a member of a group and you want that group of people to follow you or accept your agenda Politics will be a part of your effort.
A simple analysis… Anti-Politics…. Anti Self….you will not progress in Society.
A simple analysis…. Look at where we are globally and look at where our oppressors are. Money is a part but unless you get the people behind you r agenda consciously or unconsciously, no progress.
Black people you are Political in your personal agendas. Learn to be Political with something that is important to your survival and to prosper in this Heaven instead of the petty insignificant stuff we are so wrapped up in.

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