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About Tanisha Pyron

Tanisha Lynn Pyron aka (PRETTYFIRE) is an artist, creative photographer, storyteller, and media entrepreneur currently working on her MFA in acting and launching PRETTY FIRE as a media brand. The young artist considers herself to be a modern day griot focusing on telling stories that redefine and re-appropriate "BLACK AMERICANA" highlighting and finding the beauty in the contradictions, pain and pride within "our stories" and thus hoping to discover and re-claim the beauty within her own. She has used her ACTING, POETRY, dance and movement and now photography as modalities for making sure her creative vision and voice are seen, heard and felt. In her own words Tanisha expresses, "To me the art and the artist are one. As I seek to unlock and express what is contained in my own heart and to heal and celebrate my own beauty and spirit. The art will speak to who it needs to. "

Before U Knew U Were Black PRETTY FIRE POETRY

August 3, 2013