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Some say it’s all about the Benjamin’s … I say it’s all about Control.  While working at plantation WJLA TV… I was involved in the Union battle with the owners of plantation WJLA TV.  Every technician employed by Plantation WJLA was members of the union but as you know not all were involved in the Union battle.  Some people will enjoy the benefits of someone else work but have no interest in the work to receive those benefits.  There are those people that are willing to take what ever the “Master” give them or they are more interest in doing what the “Master” want to take place … which is everyone negotiate their own rate of pay.  Well that will work for some but the method does not work for all.  My Grandfather could not get the price for the land that he owned that a White man could get … there was no opportunity to negotiate the way a White man could … simply because he was a descendant of an Enslaved African.  “A 3/5 human”.  Now you can argue that occurred in 18 so and so all you want … there are loads of recent data that would prove that most of the time a descendant of an Enslaved African will not be able to negotiate and get the same rate of pay that a person that is classified as white.

If it were all about the Benjamin’s … there would be no need for the Global System of White supremacy.   Money is a tool to trade with.  What have value are the things that keep the Planet alive.  If you control that which keep one alive than you have Power and Control.  One of my gifts is as a Photographer.  There is a lot of discussion of about the industry and how a Photographer can be successful.  Let stop right there for a minute.  Successful… what is successful?  Honestly I am not going to use Webster or anybody definition of success cause it really does not matter… not really…the bottom line is… I need a place to stay and something to eat.  Well guess what… a group of people has done an excellent of job of positioning themselves to have Control and Power.  Therefore they know that it is in their best interest to control all areas of Human existence by any means necessary to maintain Control and Power. Therefore if an image can be used to validate the actions of a Bush and make him look benevolent we must have it and use it.  The “Freedoms” that the Descendants of Enslaved Africans share in AmeriKKKa today are partly a result of the usage of Photography and the new Broadcast media.  That was a different time.  AmeriKKKa did not have the amount of Military basses around the world like it does now.  AmeriKKKa did not want the world to know about the atrocities that were occurring in AmeriKKKa.  It only makes sense that if other nations knew… they would need to make sure that they build a strong army and not trust AmeriKKKa.  Today with the level of technology in use today…Your resistance is damn near futile…. But as long as I have breathe… I will.


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