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Do Work

“Brothers and sisters, I don’t consider that I have taken hold of it yet. But here is the one thing I do. I forget what is behind me. I push hard toward what is ahead of me. I move on toward the goal to win the prize. God has appointed me to win it. The heavenly prize is Christ Jesus himself.” Phil 3:13-14 (NIRV)

As we start this week… there is nothing that we cannot accomplish. There are great opportunities and expanded vision and direction waiting for us… if we would get our prayer and our plans in alignment with God’s will. It is God’s will for us to be reflective manifestations of His Love, Peace & Power… and that calls us to get busy and do the necessary work that will allow His spirit to guide us toward His plan and our greater purpose.

We are told in the scripture above to not claim to have it already, sit back or cold chill, getting comfortable, but to instead “forget what is behind us and in the past and the push toward what is ahead of us!” We have been appointed to win this… but we have to DO WORK! Cut yourself loose from the past set backs, and refocus on the right now you! It is just that simple… we have to get up… decide that we are reclaiming the authority that God has given us over our lives and use that authority to DO WORK!

We can’t pray and sit back… we have to by faith engage our dreams and our vision… work as hard and we can and God with cover us where we fall short. But we have to DO WORK! That’s my personal word for me this week… I’m just caring and sharing… and I can feel the spirit of God saying…”I have blessed you, and you have to use what I’ve already given you… go get busy and I got your back!” In other words “DO WORK SON!” For the Sisters in the houzzze “DO WORK DAUGHTER!” Let’s get It Started… ha… Let’s Get It started ha… In Here!

(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( DO WORK! ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

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