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Golden Ratio

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Golden Ratio
Ratio 1:1.618 matters a lot in photography. This shot is taken at PAU. This is an old shot. Now i have posted this shot on three Golden Rule of Photography. This shot is not cropped ever. Top most shot is based on golden mean ratio as I have make a overlay layer of geomatric confuguration by lines and middle one is based on rule of thirds and bottom one is based on golden triangle. I click this this shot diagonal lines (blur lines behind flower) insted to take straight vertical lines to make it more interesting. But now a days people are running behind counting number of liking an image insted of giving more knowledgable information. So I take this step for better understading of these golden rules you can follow the given links in nature everything is based on golden mean ratio. Even human body is also based on golden mean ratio. I always tried to follow these rules in my photography. Even Apple’s  iCloud  logo is based on these golden rules.

This is the link for iCloud logo,

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