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Jolly Jumper

Finnish Rock Band

Finnish Rock Band

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Every band has a process of creativity to form while backlashing and trying to counter the mainstream with their own choices of idealism. the guys at Jolly Jumper is very open-minded about their own musical differences and influences. Formed in the early 2002, Jolly Jumper tried to create a mixture between the harshnest of post-hardcore and the melodies of indie-rock and we call it simply, rock music.

Each song is different. There is not one way or set rule that we follow. All five of us do the writing. Sometimes it’s one person that has an idea for a song. Sometimes there is some jamming. Something there is three or four people there. It does change. That is one of our endearing qualities that all of us write the songs. There is not one person standing there dictating how it should sound. We have completely different tastes in music and we are trying to work together. We are trying to make this big sound and push music in a way we all want it to go.

good music will prevails!


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