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Love Us All

I took the time to compile this collage of our essence, our humanity, our children from every walk, every illustration of prayer that I could fit within the frame. Look closely please… for they represent how we started out and how God intended us to be. Regardless of language or label, affiliation or registration, complexion or connection… I respectfully ask that you look. I know that this s a lengthy post, but I again ask you respectfully to consider. It is not a challenge to any group, but a challenge heavy on my heart to tears today for us all. It is not condemnation, but reconciliation. It is a consolidation of love.

Those who know me… know as I said at my ordination.. my role, my mission is to unite… to bridge and to unapologetically bring together. If you judge that as a deviation from or to anything… that is your right… but I ask please look, please consider and please share between you and God and then others… I ask you to please consider:

I have grown more and more sickened by how we as human family devote and spend tremendous efforts in dividing ourselves in our belief in God. We start in the life as children, and as we learn about the Wonderful, Loving, All-Powerful, All-Mighty, All-Knowing and Most Compassionate God… and many more descriptive ways than I could ever attempt to write… we learn to love that which we cannot see, but by faith know and trust that exist. As we mature, we are influenced by dogma and doctrine, contaminated by political machinations, philosophy and those things that we arrogantly take sides in that can and does lead to division further still.

God cannot be pleased with how we live together, breathe the same air but divide ourselves from each other based on language, label and religious segregation, when we can choose not to allow this to happen… we have that ability to choose. We hear all too often “this Church has the real word, that one doesn’t… this Mosque isn’t really following the real tenants of this and this one is… these folks have the real truth, no one else has it! They don’t say it like we say it… they don’t eat what we eat… they go on Sunday, we go on Saturday… they don’t, we do, they’re not, but we are.” Please… by God’s love and mercy stop! Please…

Take the time, remember when you were taught about God as Creator and the personal relationship you could have and how you would say your prayers as a child, then reach other to others who may not believe or practice the way that you do… understanding that it is the same God that placed the Moon in the sky for all to see… at once that is there for all of us! Yes, we can still believe what we choose to believe and walk in the manner that we feel and believe we should, confident in what we believe … but this is THE TIME for us to remain true to what we believe in our personal relationships with God while meeting, reaching, caring and sharing in in sincere love with each other… just how good God has been to us. It is time to not only show that God has come to us… but that we are willing to allow God to come through us… to each other!

Let us with Joy, Peace & Power share the excitement of what God means to us with each other, and then we will see how Infinitely Loving and Huge God really is! As a mere fellow traveler in space, place and time, and as a spiritual being on an Earthy journey just like you… I can guarantee nothing but this… “No one will be mad, angry or upset but the devil, satan, shaitan, the deceiver, the lier and divider, negativity and all the other manifestations of evil and division that has caused us to be divided. The child like faith that God has given us is waiting. This is THE TIME, God is pouring His Spirit out on the entire planet and we must love and reach out to each other in Peace… for We Are All God’s Children! Stop Dividing Yourselves! God Love Us All!” I thank God for you all… regardless of where you attend or where you’ve been… we are here now… with God together… and that is what really matters most!

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