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One Man Band & Freelance Musician

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One Man Band and freelance Musician:
Have Keys Will Travel! I’m working lately in the DC Metro area playing mostly original material and a few Tasty Covers.

Entering my 42nd year as a performing Musician, I’m trying different Song combinations for my sets… Possibly live performances of my CD’s, ‘BrainStorm’ and ‘Relaxation Response’, in the order the tracks appear on the CD’s. 

At the time of this posting I am rehearsing with the Manassas, Virginia based rock band “Harlen Simple“, and developing another project with two members of Harlen Simple, 
Drummer, Richard Coleman and Bassist, Kenny Morrow.
The new Group will feature many of my “MYKLMUSIC” songs, original material of Our own creation, as well as a selection of R & B covers.

This medium has been and will be an important part of my creative process.
That being said, it is important that I keep the personal touch alive as I fly through cyberspace with no wings on my “stream of consciousness” internet experience:

“You Will Not Know Me”

You will not know me, nor I you, through this medium: These are electrons.

Whereas this technology could help to connect Us, all too often I feel it serves to distract Us… Prevent Us from connecting as We had for thousands of years.

If a process doesn’t allow Our heartfelt embrace… It is only a tiny bit of Our existence… Or it is false.

My methods of remaining a part of my Human Family will be increasingly evident as I post here and on my other web sites:


I wish good health and happiness to EveryOne.
To that end, please enjoy the following presentation:

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