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Dear Friends,

How do you become motivated? Most of us struggle to become motivated and do something that benefits us in the long run. Sometimes finding motivation is like finding a needle in a haystack. As adults, we have grown to understand that if something is best for us, we must endure it—even if it seems like the hardest thing to do. Arriving at this conclusion takes acceptance, maturity and persistence, which is typical in adulthood. However, what can our children do to become motivated?

Today’s youth deal with so many distractions along their path towards growing. These distractions are in so many forms, that tackling one issue usually leads to uncovering another issue. It can be hard to motivate a child who has negative media and music influences, limited access to gainful resources and adults who are busy with overcoming economic challenges or other battles. Still, our youth must be a priority. Motivation is a critical factor in the outcome of a child’s success. Without it, children can only look forward to possibilities of what could happen. When motivation is involved, those possibilities turn into realistic goals because effort and encouragement become a part of the picture.

My non-profit organization, B-Roll Media & Arts, Inc., focuses on motivating the youth by providing alternative methods of learning. My organization goes beyond teaching about the media and performing arts for recreational purposes. Our goal is to motivate children, who are suffering from academic, economic and personal disadvantages and broaden their horizons on the educational and career opportunities available to them. The students we aim to impact don’t have to be scholars, or have parents with access to money or even know what their personal pursuits are. All we request is that each student entering our program is willing to be motivated and is willing to focus. That, my friends, is what turns any despair situation into rewarding opportunity.
I encourage you to ask a child, “What motivates you?” and listen intently to their responses. Their answers are your direct clues on what it will take to reach them and make an impact in multiple areas of their lives. And if their response should happen to be “I don’t know what motivates me”, I encourage you to introduce them to B-Roll Media & Arts, Inc.

Thanks for listening,

Robert Jackson
Executive Director
B-Roll Media & Arts, Inc.

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