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Nazaahah A. Amin

N. Amin Yoga Instructor

Nazaahah A. Amin
Yoga Instructor

Nazaahah Amin is a yoga and wellness teacher with over 15 years of experience. She’s taught hundreds of students at many black women owned wellness spaces in the Baltimore/DC area. Off the mat, she’s connected with her tribe through teaching and speaking at national conferences, spiritual retreats and women’s wellness events throughout Maryland, Washington, DC, New York, Pennsylvania and Connecticut.

She was an elementary teacher for over a decade and would use calming yogic techniques with her students. When she left the classroom, she continued her passion for working with the youth by teaching yoga at afterschool programs at several public and private institutions.

In 2011, while looking for an all-women yoga class, she started her own series Sistas Yoga Sundays. In 2013, she founded Ama Wellness, a wholistic wellness company. That company has since blossomed into the brand Nazaahah Amin {Yoga + Connection for Women of Color}. In 2015 she founded an aromatherapy company, Ama Scents and developed a signature scent, CALM.

Nazaahah creates healing spaces for women of color and builds community through intentional self-care, meditation, yoga and sistahood.


Yoga in the Parks

Yoga In the Parks
Nazaahah A. Amin
Yoga Instructor


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