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One Love = True Change

One Love = True Change is a grassroots Movement that commences to unite the Village in common Understanding, Vision, and Action. One Love strives to bring awareness to our history, surroundings, and our interconnected responsibility to one another. One Love’s purpose is to spread love, uplift, unite, and educate the community. Events are held monthly every third Saturday at Soul 57 in NE DC. One Love features talent, speakers, vendors, teachers, and artists to convey the driving force of the movement love, holistic wellness, and cooperative economics.   One Love = True Change Thanks to our Beautiful Village, “One Love in July: Real Music Strikes Back” was a success!! Thank y’all so much for sharing such amazing vibes and positivity! To the amazing performers/healers/activists/vendors/familes/audience/team: HOST EXTRAORDINAIRRE:): Raquel Ra Brown ARTISTS: From the smooth flows of Javier Starks and his power-packed band feat. @Jerome, Dante Pope , James Britton, the beautiful B.Steady, the poignant John Harris III, the fresh IMAG, the always on-point sounds of @DJ Two-Tone Jones HEALERS: The Lovely Timely Spirit of @Mama Acqua with Libations, our militantly peaceful yoga instructor Hermione Rhones, and new dance instructorDominique from I.AM.WE Dance Company feat. the natural djembe sounds of @Chidi ACTIVIST PARTNERS: New Abolitionists’ Association, This Light: Sounds for Social Change (Mama Brenda Hayes & her daughter!), and our future partner Erase the Hate:) VENDORS: @Kareema Kareema Lifeisgood Wambuii with the “oh she got those?” old school vintage style shoes & clothes, @Jennifer with the holistic soy candles @Andrea with funky vintage clothing & jewelry, @DeMei with the unique hand crafted jewelry. And of course the ever-sweet Miss @Velvet Jacobs and her team of chefs on the “I can’t believe it’s Vegan!” cousine:) FAMILIES: To all of the beautiful, precious families who brought their babies to sit in our large Village Living Room and reflect on Life as in the ancient days of the Griots; we kneel before you and support you in every way we can to the raising of your angels. ENTIRE AUDIENCE: You are the source of our inspiration and the motivation behind all of our work. We honor the Universe within you that brought us together like magnets to this common cause. Event COORDINATORS: @Rayla Meshawn, @Javier, @myself:) Event PARTNERS: Shout out to @Lyricists’ Anonymous, Inc. and Key Digital Photography and Video, Inc. It literally takes a Village to raise a Baby: and One Love is our baby, all of ours. If you missed the event, we will be doing it all over again August 17th Soul 57! Theme: Healing where it hurts (discussing how we heal from the various forms of violence against us in our community). ” For More Information contact :

Preshona at  email: or Rayla’ Meshawn at
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Video Production services by: Location Audio: Immani Hood

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