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First of all, I love this site & the talent and intention behind it. Secondly, submitting a passage from some essay from the One Love archives: Just as our babies are not truly killers and convicts, could it be that all human beings are born with the capacity to love until they are socialized to believe otherwise?
This Life is a plane of dual energies: love and hate, courage and fear, Good and evil, ying and yang, darkness and Light. In becoming human beings, we are infinite potential and Light succumbed to the many tests and struggles of Life—that each come down to a choice between those dual energies. Each of us has the ability to turn that potential within us into kinetic in these playing grounds of the dual energies. Or …to go down as defeated and unrealized potential. Therefore each of us are inherently at-risk of succumbing to the lesser of any of those dual energies. This is why it is Absolutely Necessary to be Raised with Love, Strength, Discipline, and Wisdom. Those are the armor, and This is spiritual warfare.

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