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The brutality of the Enslavers

Put The African on A Ship


The African spoke many Languages

Never one but many Nations

Many Tribes

Many Ideas


The Enslaver with its Hate for God

Determined to Recreate Gods Creation


On that ship

For survival sake

Understanding became necessary

Acceptance was the beginning


Not acceptance of the condition

Acceptance as the beginning

Of Understanding


Understanding that our diversity

Needed unification


Return to an Understanding

On the Enslavers Plantation

Unification was the Plan


The Many Nations

The Many Diverse Cultures

Though the Enslavers

Attempted to Get The African to Deny God


All the Many Africans Nations knew God


The Enslavers jealous of your Greatness

Wanted you to Deny God

To Be your God


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Understanding the Many African Nations

Must Unite


Along way from home

Never to see the familiar faces and places

Acceptance of the Diversity of the African Nations

Brought us together to Survive


Post Enslavement

The Understanding

With Jim Crow Assistance

The Understanding

Remained the Same


The unification of the Diversity

Was the Game


In the Sixties and Seventies

We had an Understanding

Unification was the Game


To uplift

To support

To Remember

Where God Placed us

Before the Haters of God

Attempted to Create Us

Into their Likeness








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