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Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

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The Reception for the First Art Exhibit that I co-curated was held August 16, 2013 Artist Lamine Hamdad was the co-curator. The show was exhausting but I am on a real natural high right now and it feels great. I am so thankful and humbled by the opportunity given to us by Moca DC Executive Director and Owner David Quammen. Thanks to my co-curator Lamine Hamdad I met another very nice person, Yulie at Tabaq Bistro where I had my first solo show featuring my: The Resurrecting A Fashion Editorial, last February. That show was also a great experience and a tremendous blessing to the community and me. This show fills me with special Joy because it showcased the work of several Artists.
To my family, friends, associates and people that just walked in to Moca Gallery I like to say…. Thank you for letting me by Myself Again. (Sly Stone words) and also “That’s Love” (Jill Scott).

Co- Curator Lamine suggested that we should do something different at the show…. Maybe you can do a live photo-shoot. I was a bit reluctant but said ok. On my photo-shoot to do list is a Fela Concept. Artists hate to compromise but I had to compromise to get it done… I had no budget and not the type of energy to accomplish all that I would love to do with the concept but I am still grateful that I took another step toward doing some of my visions.
I contacted Estella Ogbonna of Estelle Couture to be my wardrobe stylist…. She immediately said in her Nigerian voice oohs I will help with that … don’t worry. This is the second time that she have assisted me in creating my vision and I am very thankful and hope that I will been able to really thank her appropriately for her work.
She created original fashions for my shoot. Amazing.
Next… I needed a Fela, Dancers and Make Up. Hair … well I always forget about hair…lol. A set designer and lighting director would have been nice but I knew that would be me with no budget. My original Fela said yes but then could not do it. The next person that I thought about was having a show on the same night. I contacted two more people … both were interested. One-stepped up to the plate. Maverick Lemons …professional dancer, dancer instructor and Make up Artist, and one who puts pressure on me to get me stuff together but he is patient. I say that because he is a professional dancer and dancers expect clear direction and perfection, Dancers will work until that level of perfection is achieved…. I like that … I have to humble my self but I like it because I can only get better and accomplish great things.
Darlisa Wajid- Ali was the first dancer that I have photographed since my second love affair with photography. While taking the photo I would look at the image in my camera and would shake my head… Darlisa would say we could do it again. I was shaking my head in amazement of her talent. Thandiwe Dunn had been on board with this concept for about three years now … so when I called her she was down and I knew I had a Mua that could give me Tribal Make Up. Darlisa blessed me with my third dancer Ashley Shey from Cameroon. It is one day before the show and I have no Saxophone, I can not rent one… no credit card, I see my friend Stefan Francis Monica is on Facebook… he plays Sax for the Washington Professional Football team marching band… I will ask him to come to reception and bring his Sax because I need it for my photo shoot. After consulting with his wife he said ok. It was great to see him. His energy is always positive.
Michael Gormley provided music. I am very thankful to have a live musician with original work to help make the show special.
I am also thankful for the opportunity to make the down pressure man sad. We stomped on the Devils head yall.

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