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The Gun

We experience another day of tragedy, a reality that exists across the globe for many.  I first express my condolences to the American families that lost lives and to the people of the world that are victimized by violence.  As we are sadden and grieve our lost of another representation of God in the form of Human.  Our Mother/ Father God awaits our decision to discuss and begin to act as the creation with the purpose of Love and keepers of this wonderful creation planet earth.

I will begin my discussion about a beginning in the history of mankind.  There was the discovery of a substance that could be used for many purposes but someone decided that if it used in a particular manner it could be used to kill.  The substance was placed in an object that was then used to kill the God creation called Human.  A group of people decided that they had the most powerful weapon known to the creation of God known as Humans.  They decided that they could replace God and set themselves up as God.  They traveled to many distant lands.  They landed on the Continent of my ancestors and many others as well.  This weapon is called the Gun.  The weapon along with other knowledge allowed them to change the World.  The members of this group are members of a larger group. They created extra cover by giving their group a classification called race.

Now that they have divide the world along racial lines and enlisted other people without their permission into their classification … the stage is set for these owners of the Gun to set themselves up as the God of God’s creation.

The question I ask you, Do you think that this group of people are going to relinquish this man made power for moral reasons when they are the dissidents of the first ones to use the Gun to change the whole world order?

Just incase you cannot understand what I am saying; I will ask you another question.  Why are we discussing the Gun in terms of the Law or Access, when the ones that have used the Gun to act as God are the ones that you are expecting to change the Law and Access?

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