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The One Angry Black Man, A Few thoughts on The Birth of A Nation


I saw The Birth of A Nation Nate Park 2016 yesterday in Greenville, SC. There were about six people in the theater; four of them were with me. I was told that there was no promotion for the movie in the Greenville, SC.

The movie reinforces some of the knowledge I believe to be very important to understand.

  1. We are Afrikan people.
  2. The use of Christianity to help keep the Enslaved and Colonized Afrikan submissive.
  3. The use of the Preachers to teach selected scriptures and how they profited as a result.
  4. Christianity can also be used as a tool of liberation.
  5. A slave that value life as a subservient to an oppressor more than their freedom usually compromises the Liberation of oppressed people.

As I sat watching Birth of A Nation, I could not wait until the insurrection began. The initial life shown may be considered a plantation of a good master. This was hard for me to take. Once Nate was used as a Preacher to teach selected scriptures to help the plantation owners get more work out of their slaves, he could see the harshness of the enslavement of the African but he continued to do the job as instructed.

Nat education of scripture was given to him according to the movie was a benevolent slave owner wife, whom was a preacher that owned a plantation.

After Nat wife was raped and another enslaved African wife was requested for and delivered for rape by a guest of his enslavement master, Nat begin to read the whole bible.

The symbolism created when Nat was being whipped may be predictable but still great to see. While he was being hanged the same connection was made.

The other movie with a similar title The Birth of A Nation 1915 film by D.W Griffith should be remembered and recognized as the true mission of Hollywood and the United States of America. I believe that movie reveals truth, not of the Afrikan but of the world’s oppressor and we should never forget that.

The slave insurrections may have helped bring about the Civil War, which I assume Nate Parker is saying with the scene of the Enslaved Afrikan’s fighting in the Union Army with the US flag. I believe the Civil War was about the transfer of ownership of the Enslaved Afrikan from individual ownership to the US Government, President Lincoln (slave owner and rapist) knew that a nation could be build off the backs of the enslaved Afrikan.

I do recommend that this movie be supported even though I left the theater not really satisfied.


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