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Yoga in the Parks

On a daily basis many people are dealing with stress.   In the Washington Metropolitan area the city is constantly changing as the city is being gentrified. The Presidential campaign has created an atmosphere of fear and the nations racial divide is further highlighted. The nation is still involved in two wars, provide financial resources to Israel and the war in Syria continues. Many people do not have the coping skills to deal with the many challenges of life.

While enjoying a morning walk at Lake Artemesia in Maryland I came upon a Yoga class. The class is provided to the public by the Prince George’s Department of Parks and Recreation and is conducted Saturdays for one hour beginning at nine am. This class begin after Memorial day and concluded Labor day.

Yoga Instructor Nazaahah Amin gave The Mirror: an interview concerning the benefits of Yoga and how it has helped her maintain balance.

Yoga Instructor Nazaahah Amin

Yoga in the Park
Yoga Instructor Nazaahah Amin
© Rodney Ladson Photographer

Check out her website to connect with Ms. Amin.


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